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Abdulahi Dahiru Kabo is the Chief Executive Officer of Kabocash Technologies.
As the CEO, Abdullahi heads / leads the Senior Executive Leadership Team and is responsible for leading the company's overall direction and strategy.

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Dr Abdullahi Dahiru Kabo Ph.D

Dr Abdullahi Dahiru Kabo Ph.D

After graduating from Information and Communication Technology University (ICT-U) Uganda Campus in 2018 with a Bachelors Degree, upon his completion, therefore Abdullahi had joined into Masters Degree of Science in Public Health with Specialization in Maternal Health & Epidemiology. Abdullahi began his career at Bon Institute of Business and Technology (BIBAT) Uganda where he worked as Assistant Lecturer at the Institution in the Department of Science and Technology. He is responsible for building partner relationships with major International Students for future generations, exploring possibilities from the vast emptiness of the universe, down to the smallest particles ever known. That's what Abdullahi do, solving challenges through discoveries and collaborations, for the greater good of humanity and a better world. Abdullahi is a Global, African, Nigerian and a Northerner from Kano State- All in one. Abdullahi served as a President of Nigerian Students in Uganda (ICT University Foundation USA) Baton Rouge, State of Louisiana, United States.

Henceforth, Abdullahi is pursuing a PhD in Public Health at Nkumba University with a major focus in (Infectious Diseases) also serves as a Research Assistant in the University.

Abdullahi is based out of KaboCash Technologies's Global headquarters in Raleigh, North Carolina, United States.

KaboCash Technologies has built a Global Infrastructure for African Fintech. The company is currently operating In USA, UK, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, South Africa, Ghana, Cameroon and Nigeria. KaboCash Technologies is targeted to simplify and easing all cross border payments and remittances.

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