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Alhassan Nasir is Business Enterprise Executive Intern at Kabocash Technologies.
As a creative Intern, Alhassan is committed to building major business relationships with different stakeholders and partners. As the Enterprise Executive, Alhassan is fully engaged in onboarding account teams responsible for driving growth, value, and partnership with our largest strategic customers. His role primarily focuses on supporting the team to direct, plan, or implement policies, objectives, or activities of organizations or businesses to ensure continuing operations, maximize returns on investments, or increase productivity, partnering with department heads and the Board of Directors to assign or delegate the major responsibilities that need attention for compan's intervention.

Alhassan Nasir

Alhassan Nasir

I am Alhassan Nasir, I have been passionate about building strong relationships with others to achieve my goal of putting my skills into the real world. I wish to work in an organization where I can put my intellectual capacity into use, to yield optimum practical results for the growth of the organization as well as my career.

I am a graduate of Aliko Dangote University of Science and Technology. My educational journey has been diverse and enriching.

I will use my skill set to ensure the quality of the product we're offering, analyze the content, involve industrial, and financial resources, and most importantly the commercial aspects for ensuring the sales for the entire product lifecycle.

As a Business Enterprise, I am fully responsible for ensuring the production of goods and services to meet customer's needs to add value, convenience, branding, quality, design, and unique selling points.

At Kabocash Technologies. We aim to connect diaspora families, communities, and businesses to the funds they need with just a click. We provide cutting-edge technology to ensure all payments via our channels are conducted with the easiest convenience.

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