Meet Our Chief Financial Officer/ Head of Finance

Gai Quemado Pedrosa is the Chief Financial Officer/ Head of Finance at Kabocash Technologies.
As the head of finance, she's responsible for leading the finances, accounting function, and team. She's fully accountable for providing strategic direction and oversight of front-end revenue cycle work processes and outcomes. Often, and oversee revenue policies and procedures, including billing for revenue generation. She's also responsible for creating forecasting models, and sales projections, assessing risk in investments, and ensuring all accounting activities comply with regulations.

Gai Quemado Pedrosa

Gai Quemado Pedrosa

She brings many years of International accounting, finance, and treasury leadership to her role as Head of Finance at Kabocash Technologies. She is responsible for growing the General and Administrative functions of Kabocash during its current global expansion. As Head of Finance, She's liable for implementing and ensuring the Corporate Development at Kabocash Technologies, where she creates space for transformative growth and builds value through collaboration and capital investment. She oversees Kabocash's investor relations, investing, and acquisition initiatives.

Prior to her role at Kabocash Technologies, she'd worked for almost a decade in several progressing roles with Sprint/ Tmobile and is one of the biggest Telcos in the United States as a Billings and Account Specialist. Through her expertise, she has contributed to its massive growth and successful financings. Gaiang works from the global headquarters in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Gai Quemado Pedrosa holds a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy with Distinction from Saint Paul School of Business and Law.

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