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Goodness Olu-Oma Ihejiofor is the Head of Growth and Marketing of Kabocash Technologies.
As a Head of Growth and Marketing, Goodness Olu-Oma Ihejiofor is responsible for developing and executing comprehensive marketing strategies, identifying and capitalizing on growth opportunities, optimizing customer acquisition and retention, and leading a team of professionals to drive the company's business growth and market presence.

Goodness Olu-Oma Ihejiofor

Goodness Olu-Oma Ihejiofor

Goodness Olu-Oma Ihejiofor is a dynamic professional with a strong background in growth strategies and product-market fit. As the Head of Growth and Marketing at Kabocash, she plays a crucial role in the company's success by overseeing the strategic direction for expansion and ensuring the alignment of products with market needs. Goodness is dedicated to Kabocash's mission of delivering trusted and accessible financial services to people across Africa and beyond.

Her educational journey has been diverse and enriching. She completed her primary and secondary education in Nigeria at a reputable private school, obtaining her S.S.C.E. (Senior Secondary Certificate Examination). She then pursued higher education at the University of Jos in Plateau State, Nigeria. She began with a pre-degree program and later pursued a degree in health sciences. Furthering her quest for knowledge and entrepreneurship, She moved to Rwanda and enrolled at the African Leadership University. There, she embarked on a journey to earn a degree in Software Engineering, equipping herself with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the technology and entrepreneurial landscape.

A strong passion has marked Oluoma Ihejiofor's career journey for growth, technology, and entrepreneurship. As the Head of Growth and Marketing at Kabocash, she is responsible for formulating and executing growth strategies, ensuring that the company's products align perfectly with the market needs.

She brings a rich blend of product fit and technology expertise, making her a versatile professional who can bridge gaps and create innovative solutions. Her experience and education have equipped her to thrive in a fast-paced and ever-evolving industry.

Her commitment to excellence and dedication to empowering the diaspora align perfectly with Kabocash's mission. She envisions a future where sending and receiving money is simple, efficient, and accessible. Her role at Kabocash is pivotal in realizing this vision and driving the company's growth and success in the financial services sector.

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