Meet Our Regional Director (United States)

Leticia Bowman Ana is the Regional Director (United States) of KaboCash Technologies and is responsible for managing the company's operations in the entire region. As a regional director, Leticia is also responsible for analyzing financial data across the region monitoring sales performance, addressing safety concerns, and collaborating with various partners for the company's satisfaction.

Leticia Bowman Ana

Leticia Bowman Ana

Leticia has developed comprehensive skills in management and significant performance in leadership. As a Regional Director, she possesses excellent time management skills. Managing all collection and settlement. Managing our accounts with all partner Banks, Agent/partner settlement processing, dispute resolution, transactions monitoring, and daily reconciliation.

She's extensively trained and has to ensure the overall guidance of the Region. She can communicate ideas and expectations clearly to a diverse assembly of members, and the ability to delegate duties for increased efficiency and oversees multiple commercial establishments within a specified region, building a diverse workforce around the company and ensuring the quality of services and products offered, connecting Washington D.C, Virginia, Maryland, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and New York.

Leticia holds a Bachelor's Degree B.A. in Communication Studies from Grand Rapids, MI. Michigan, United States.

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