Meet Our Head of Country Representatives & Global Linkages

Omer Mukhtar Muhammado is the Head of Country Representatives & Global Linkages of Kabocash Technologies.
As a Head of Country Representatives & Global Linkages, Omer Mukhtar Muhammado is tasked with overseeing the coordination and collaboration of the company's country representatives, facilitating global partnerships, and ensuring effective communication and synergy among international branches to promote the company's global expansion and operations.

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Omer Mukhtar Muhammado

Omer Mukhtar Muhammado

Hello I am Omer Mukhtar Muhammado. A Sudanese and a global citizen. As a country representative is a responsible for identifying the corporation, countries of operations, industrial relations and composed countries and made the product available and to make sure that the company had comply with government policies and regulations. Develop and implement strategic directions of the countries. Lead the design, planning, formulation, preparation and development of the country strategic note in close consultation and collaboration with the government, civil society, legal experts, and regional directors. Regulating the country and other national development stakeholders and partners, taking into account national priorities, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDs) and the common country analysis where applicable.

Provide substantive support to the Executive Directors entitled, regional directors and senior management on the regional strategy, direction and planning or programmes and projects.

Work alongside teammates from different countries and diverse cultures, and build a truly global organization together.

Working closely to make sure that we'd fulfilled our obligations for bringing our products into the world and drive a unique experience around. At Kabo Cash Technologies Group, I am committed to make sure our products to be outlined among the top 3 strongest brand in the remittance and payment service industry in the world.

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