Meet Our Co-Founder & CTO

Simon Ugorji is the Co-Founder & CTO of KaboCash Technologies.
As the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Simon leads the company's technology initiatives, sets the technological vision, and ensures that technology resources are aligned with the company's strategic goals.

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Simon Ugorji

Simon Ugorji

I'm a software developer with over four years (4 years) of experience creating software solutions that meet and often surpass client needs. My skill set includes various programming languages and frameworks, backed by certifications from Udacity (JavaScript Programming Foundations), Coursera (Building Web Applications in PHP), Cisco (JavaScript Essentials and Advanced Training), and Udemy (The Complete 2024 Web Development Bootcamp, Understanding TypeScript).

I'm also a technical writer with a solid following, attracting over 10,000 monthly views on Medium, Hashnode, and I enjoy sharing knowledge about programming and new technologies.

In my role as a Technical Support Specialist at Afriex, I handle technical issues, customer questions, and ensure clear communication. My goal is always to provide excellent support and keep customers satisfied.

I work well in teams, manage my time effectively, and love solving problems with code. New challenges motivate me, and I'm always looking to improve and innovate.

Psst... I'm Your Favourite Software Developer ✨

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