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Vivian Allen Ceballos is responsible for reviewing and approving budgets, implementing new company policies, and maintaining internal compliance up to standards. Vivian is leading the tasks and responsibility to supervise, hire, and train employees, manage quality assurance programs, and strategize process improvements, among other things.

Vivian Allen Ceballos

Vivian Allen Ceballos

Vivian has been involved in different industries where she has contributed her wealth of experience. In her role as People Operations Manager at KaboCash Technologies. She's responsible for ensuring the completion of special projects by clarifying project objectives and setting timetables and schedules. Conducting research, developing and organizing information, and fulfilling transactions. Vivian can provide the necessary tools before the operational guidance to the entire team. Manage client expectations through communication. Resolving concerns, analyzing time and cost issues, and Indeed preparing reports for further acknowledgment.

Subsequently, before joining KaboCash Technologies. She'd worked over a decade in several progressing roles around the United States. Vivian works from KaboCash Technologies Global headquarters in Raleigh, North Carolina and she holds a Bachelor's Degree B.A. in Human Development and Family Science in Bradenton Florida, United States.

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